Monday, February 15, 2010


So this past week was
valentines day
and while im not a fan of "st. hood"
and such
i read up on my valentines history
st. valentine was a priest who secretly married
people at a time when the reigning ruler
had banned marriage and engagements due to the fact
that it was discouraging people from fighting
in his war
valentine was later found and killed for his crime
on Feb. 14th
thus people remembered him
and love on that day

The flowers were given to me by my eldest daughter
she made them completely on her own
thought up on her own
so creative she is ;)


Michael said...

Great valentines history lesson. Now I know! Those flowers are very cute and very creative.

Lrc said...

That is definately interesting info about St. Valentine...the flowers are wonderful--simply yet effective!

Blakenetizen said...

I never knew that! Thanks Moooshoo