Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lazy sunday

we lie there
doing nothing and everything
i sit there
feeling the comfort and the safety and the peace
that is in your presence
near me

i wished i could have held on
i wished i could have taken hold
and not let go
i wish the sunday
that sunday
would have drawn on
like endless ocean waves
moving forward yet never ending

i cant describe the feeling
the pure contentment
just happy
id say
happy in you being near
you being here
you being there with me

happy in the warmth of you
and your touch
your big strong hands
soft brushes
your eyelashes
your eyes
so friendly
so much inside
to share with me

your skin was like warm desert sand
smooth to the touch
your nose and cheeks
so lovely sat waiting for my soft lips kisses
your smile
so contagious
brought pinkness to my face and
with it a smile as well

i miss the mundaneness of it all
the pure satisfaction of it all
i miss the way you would linger
with your fingers
your hands
your gaze
i miss the way
you wanted me to hurry up when i had to leave the room
so that we could be near eachother again
i miss the way if i were gone to long yould follow me
again lingering

like suprising me in the drug store with your presence
when i was alone
and turned to see you
the smile inside me went from ear to ear
the one outside as well
thank you

but the day past
the week
the time
my hands couldnt hold on as long as i had wished
and those strong hands of yours
you lost your grip

why is it we had to give in
to the world
to the thoughts and ideals of those who dont know us
and by us i mean
you and me
with such strong passion and emotions
us together
like magnets
why must we lose the opportunities we could have
because of the what others think
why must it matter

when i all i know is
no matter the cost
the journey with you
by your side would be worth it

i remember that sunday
as i lie there
hold on to this
dont let go
keep it forever etched in your memory
the smell
the feel
that sunday
blue soft sheets
rain outside the window
and peace within me


Lrc said...

wonderful poem--i love the description of his skin like glowing sand.

mooshoo said...

hehe thank you :)