Wednesday, September 1, 2010


these things bubble up
pop pop
dont stop
in my brain 
driving me 
to i dont know where 
and i dont care

right now im just trying to enjoy this frantic ride
you see
its killing me
not to be
something more
but whats in store

i cant see past all the fog
and so i go
i dont know
but baby steps take me
to where it is i am to be

and all these things
keep pop pop ing 
and all these things
they wont shut up

and rise to the top 
so they can
be heard 
be seen
i mean 
i know they need their voice
they have no choice 

 but too many bubbles
 and im bound to drift away


1 comment:

Lrc said...

great use of photo and poem...creative way to arrange the photo!