Tuesday, April 13, 2010

handmade kokeshi dolls

somethings new are now at

ive started
making these kokeshi dolls...
i was so happy with the shape once i got the pieces together
little and fat and oh so cute

then i got to painting them!
even more fun! hehe

These too can be made CUSTOM
just convo me


Blakenetizen said...

They look like fun! what does "Kokeshi" mean? are they Japanese or something?

mooshoo said...

yep its japanese .. not sure where the name originated. but they used to be old wooden handpainted dolls.

Anneleah said...

Kokeshi refers to Japanese dolls so I'm kinda shocked when I found out about KOKESHI Dancers. they're not really dancers but some sort of bath soap.

Kay LeTourneau said...

I looked at your Etsy store and don't see these. I would like to purchase one. Where can I find them?

mooshoo said...

KAY LETOURNEAU: the first few i listed in my shop sold fairly quickly... i now normally make them for gallery & magazine submissios. however if you would like one you can order one via mooshoo :) just contact me on etsy or at mooshoo.me@gmail.com

for more kokeshi dolls view my flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/littlepapoose/sets/72157614774053354/