Saturday, March 27, 2010

keep moving...

so did you ever feel as if
your mind is pacing
and circles
and back again
for nothing in particular

a new phase
a new day
a new routine
im thrown

here i go
so far im a little bit


Tara said...

yes. most definitely - if you're talking about having the same ideas running through your mind over and over through your head without the physical motivation to do them. i hear you.

get a nice moleskin journal - and write them down. at least they will be out of your head. you can stop circling, relax, and when you're all rested, return to the list refreshed and ready to get it done.


Lrc said...

I really understand that...its almost as if my mind moves for the sake of moving. I agree with Tara about writing down your ideas and thoughts. I keep meaning to do that myself! lol
sometimes doing some kind of exercise helps too. good luck!