Tuesday, June 30, 2009

10th anniversary!!

so this week was my 10th anniversary!!
my wonderful hubby took me away on a much needed trip!
we rented a small house in the middle of nowhere Michigan!
it was beautiful.

we were surrounded by woods.
i could run naked and no one would even know ;) hehe
(and for the record.. i did :)
the weather was gorgeous
and we slept with the windows open
amazing breezes and fresh air
i wish i could have stayed longer


Drea said...

Someday I want to do that! Sounds like you had fun, congrats on your 10 year!

cuileann said...

Bliss :)
You deserve it.

Mike's Hemp Bracelets said...

Congrats!!!! Sounds like fun!!!

Nemesis_Productions said...

Aw! A very late congrats to you and your man. :D

That sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate 10 years. :)